Why Krakow? This is a question.

What makes that this former capital of Poland is so willingly visited? Maybe it's about its unique monuments – the largest medieval town square of Europe, charming Old Town, the Royal Castle in Wawel, numerous churches and museums or Kazimierz are calling so many visitors. There must have been an important reason for putting the entire Old Town on the World Heritage List as one of the very first sites.

Or maybe of the city fame decides its remarkable, magical atmosphere? During centuries Krakow was a powerful centre of magic, it was visited by famous alchemists from all around the Europe, like Faust or Paracelsus. The alchemy was practised in Krakow Academy, in the Royal Castle and even in some Krakow monasteries.

Nowadays, Krakow attracts us with other kind of magic – with magic of its famous Hejnał, also known as Krakow Anthem, cosy cafes, Stary Kleparz market. You can feel it going out for a walk through the city on the morning. It wakes up, lazy and often misty, free from crowds.

If in the past Krakow enchanted many popular writes like Honore de Balzac, Johann Goethe, Joseph Conrad, and today Jaume Cabré, Eduardo Mendoza and Orhan Pamuk, if every year there come tourists from all around the world, maybe you will find something for you, too?

Cracovia totius Poloniae urbs celeberrima  – “Krakow, the most well-known city of Poland”

Soon here will be an unique gallery of Krakow. Unique, because it will gather travelers' photos – people just like you – who want to show how they see Krakow. Well, between the authors will be some citizens, too :)

If you’re interested in the current look of gallery, try to find the hidden entrance in the photo.

I hope you will like it,